Review: El Santo By: M. Robinson

Review: El Santo By: M. Robinson

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I have loved M’s books since I received a message from her asking if I would like to review Complicate Me for my blog, I have been a ride or die fan ever since! I always eagerly anticipate each new release and here we have the newest addiction in the world that revolves around M. El Santo is the perfect raw and gritty sexy read that we have come to relish from this amazingly talented author.

With Damien’s words on the first page we know a few things, the story within is gonna be poetic, dark, more than a little dangerous and filled with so many twists and turns that we had just better buckle up and hang on tight. Damien is a soldier in a war he didn’t willingly sign up for, growing up from a young age in Cuba and having to deal with the Communist revolt occurring then was a dark time, then he had to make a choice and the consequences shaped his entire life after that. Amira grew up outside the city in the slums and after the death of her family she enters into Damien’s orbit and thus begins this all encompassing saga that takes us on quite the journey.

As usual in a lot of M’s books Damien is a hero with a touch of the villain that has the potential to lie dormant in us all. He think’s he might be beyond redemption but in those little moments with Amira we see that there could be so much more to him if circumstances allowed it. He is a victim of the time and place and the world he lives in. The story takes a few unexpected twists and turns that I didn’t see coming which is always a Hallmark of reading one of M’s novels haha. Just when you think you have the book all figured out, you get a little cocky and the next thing you know BOOM! She drops a bombshell and flips the switch on the story. This is what you pick up romance novels for!

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