Review: Every Moment With You By: J.E Parker

Review: Every Moment With You By: J.E Parker

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I had seen the cover for this book during one Sharing Is Caring Sunday posts on Facebook and I could not wait until I got my hands on a copy. I am usually pretty hesitant on a debut author but something about this story spoke to me before I even turned the first page.

I have to say out of all the different romance tropes I love friends to lovers and second chance romance the most and with Hendrix and Maddie’s story we get the most exceptionally perfect mash up of the two.

These two were adorable as kids and I loved seeing where their story started, even though in the early years Hendrix had a really rough go of it, those scenes were pretty difficult to read and they really made you take Hendrix to heart and root for him the entire way! Maddie was his polar opposite almost haha but we all know that some heroines are tougher than they may initially appear and that is definitely the case with our Maddie. She is today’s woman, she can be a girly girl, a woman made of steel (and sweet tea and Grandmama’s excellent southern cooking!) and still be totally relatable and a mix of emotions. See, perfect just like I told you!

The characters are so vibrant and likable that you are immediately invested in the story and along with all of the other secondary characters as well. I cannot wait to see more from this author, she crafts stories that you will recommend to every romance loving bookworm you know! She is definitely one to watch!

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