Review: The Coppersmith Farmhouse By: Devney Perry

Review: The Coppersmith Farmhouse By: Devney Perry

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Many moons and sleepless nights ago I grabbed my first romance novel read. . . It was on my mom’s bookshelf and as long as I skipped the steamy parts (ohh my momma’s rules!) I could read what I liked. I voraciously read every book on that shelf and discovered one of my first ever favorite authors. Diana Palmer. I have been constantly on the search for some series that is comparable to some of hers. I found that and so much more with the Jamison Valley Series.

What I love about these kind of books is the character development, there is a depth to these characters that makes you want to stay up late with a glass of wine and become immersed in pure reading bliss. I love the small town vibe with so much detail that you can’t help but feel like you are standing in Main Street and feeling the town buzz around you.

Gigi and Jess have a shared connection in Ben, and when Gigi receives a incredible gift of an old farmhouse (which really? I would drop everything and drag my family to in an instant!) she runs into the town sheriff and the caretaker of the house. Now, this isn’t a insta love story haha (thank goodness!) but it evolves just like a real life relationship. . . I love the realistic storyline, sometimes yes I do love Insta Love but for the majority I love hearing about characters that are good people just making it Day by day and trying to figure life out.

Devney gives us one incredible story here! It’s full and vibrant and gives you a introduction to this series that you will not forget! There are twists and turns and swoon worthy scenes that make you immediate take notice of what a talent we are dealing with here. Once you start this book you know without a doubt that Devney Perry is going to be one of your auto one click, binge worthy reads authors.

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