Review: Everest By: S.L. Scott

Review: Everest By: S.L. Scott

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Earlier this year when I discovered the Kingwood Duet Series By: S.L I knew she was going to be an author that I would immediately gravitate to. Her characters always have this perfect blend of strong, yet not perfect, a little bit of some kind of chip on their shoulder, perfectly imperfect charisma about them. With Everest we get a story about the guy that gets every woman’s attention but the guy who is beginning to want something different. Ethan Everest longs to feel that connection with another person and with Singer he feels this connection. . .

From their first meeting they both experienced that pull toward another person, even across a crowded room, in the middle of a party they could still feel that inkling that their lives are about to collide. . . A chance meeting upon a fire escape that night gives us this slow burn moment that almost has us readers shrieking in frustration. (And I love a slow Burn! But this moment had me going oh, come on!) haha but trust in the author’s brilliance on this one guys! It’s worth the wait 😉

Singer is a character I could definitely relate to, at a time in her life where it feels like everything is in an upheaval, life after college isn’t working out like she planned, living in a sketchy apartment, struggling to just get by and live her dream of living in the big city and making strides toward her career as a writer. Really, she is every one of us diehard bookworms’ ideal character. We are invested in her character’s happiness and romantic success haha. We are not disappointed! Their story is intense, sexy and oh, so fresh and tantalizing. This story takes so unexpected twists that really made me appreciate S.L’s writing style all the more.

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