Review: Behind The Bars By: Brittainy C. Cherry

Review: Behind The Bars By: Brittainy C. Cherry

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While I was late to realizing the amazingness that is Brittainy’s stories I quickly caught up last year and now she is one of my auto one click authors. Here with Behind The Bars she gives us this beautifully told story of two people. Jasmine and Elliott meet on a street corner in New Orleans, he’s a musician and she is being forced into the industry by a stage mom who thinks she knows what is best for her daughter. They attend the same school but one is from the popular crowd and the other is bullied in horrific fashion. Yet, despite everything against them Jasmine and Eli have this bond. . . Reading about how the bullies pick on Eli was difficult to read about, so I was incredibly proud of Jasmine for finally putting her foot down and championing him.

But when young love is torn apart, and the unthinkable happens. The rise to stardom feels a little hollow. This part of the story, watching the events unfold, keeps you wrapped up in the story, flinching and heart bleeding for quite a few pages. It’s emotional guys. . . Be prepared for that one because your heart will shatter right along with Elliott’s.

6 years have passed since Jasmine and Eli were torn apart and their reunion. . . Well let’s just say it’s an event. It’s electric, fraught with emotion and gives you that tingle in your soul when you read a scene that is just magic contained within paper and ink. The setting and music gives an additional pulse to the story and makes it almost a character in its own right. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans and just get lost in the melody and Brittainy gives us that ability with this story. . . It’s so vividly detailed and vibrant.

After they are reunited things are not a easy go for our favorite couple and we learn some important truths, as well as letting some burdens go. . . It all tells an all encompassing story of love, life and how the thrum of living flows through everything and that is the sweetest melody of all. This was another undeniably powerful read by Brittainy!

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