Review: The Clover Chapel By: Devney Perry

Review: The Clover Chapel By: Devney Perry

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So after finishing up The Coppersmith Farmhouse I knew two things for certain. A) I needed book 2 in the series stat! And B) I was gonna be a lifelong fan of Devney’s. Like, seriously she could rewrite the tax code and I’d read through every page and be all yep, love it!! Understand it, couldn’t get enough. . . Now here we are with book 2 in the amazing Jamison Valley Series. This one starts off jumping right into the story. With one of my favorite settings for a novel, Vegas Baby!! Looking for one last hurrah before settling into the grind of work and commitments Emmy is out with her girls in Sin City, and a chance meeting while sharing a limo leads her to Nick, (remember him? 😉 . . . Of course you do) I love how he challenges her right off the bat to step out of her comfort zone and live life to the fullest with their one night Vegas adventure. Sometimes you need that from someone on the outside, away from your social circle to shake things up and challenge you to do new things. He’s fearless!

“A dare’s a dare, Emmy. No matter how old you are. You can tell a lot about a person by their reaction to a dare.” Words of wisdom if I ever heard them! Well done Nicky boy! I approved of you right from this instance. His character was that perfect mix of alpha and gentleman that you don’t see near enough in novels in my honest opinion. Usually the guys are on one side or the other. But here, as in Coppersmith Farmhouse, yes, the guys can be pushy, stubborn, and a little cocky. . . But they will go to war with a grizzly bear for the ones they care for if they think something threatens their well being.

Now, while time moves forward 9 years and there has been a little bit of a rift between them I will say one thing, I am a firm believer in fate, and everything happens for a reason and I think Devney’s brilliantly portrays that here. She could have made them have a HEA right out of the gate, but she didn’t take the easy way out here. She added conflict, and growing up, and how your priorities change and she added real life situations here guys! If you thought that lightning couldn’t possibly strike twice in the same series think again! Devney has brought us another unforgettable story with plenty of emotions, small town perfection and characters that you want to pull up a chair, a bottle of wine and watch the sunset over the Jamison Valley.

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