Review: Tristan (Bachelors of the Ridge #5) By: Karla Sorensen

Review: Tristan (Bachelors of the Ridge #5) By: Karla Sorensen

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When I first started this series I knew it was gonna be a game-Changer. I love reading series’s, once I get started on one I can really get behind and one that can consume you and twist up that mind-heart connection that’s when you know it’s magic. And yes, this series is pure romance magic.

From the opening lines of Tristan– the final Bachelors of the Ridge novel we are immediately brought in to the enigma of the “quiet one” Tristan was always the one we caught glimpses of and got bread crumbs of information about (Karla made me shake my fist in fury so many times! Screeching give me more woman! And apparently you must be into torture, because I need more!) but once we get into the brain of our hero, it all makes sense. Now one thing we learned from the other novels is Tristan has a major love jones for Garrett’s sister Anna. . But bro code and all (along with other events) make some pretty major road blocks for them to explore the idea of a relationship.

Ohh Anna, one of my favorite stand out characters from Karla’s books. She just has this presence to her, it’s like gravity. You can’t deny that there is a lot of pain in her backstory, and that she puts on a happy go lucky front, but Tristan can sense how people are emotionally (probably because he’s content to lay back and observe and dosen’t feel the need to fill the silence with meaningless words to bridge the gap.)

Along with the primary storyline we see all of our favorite characters from the previous books . And the camaraderie between all the guys and their significant others is as strong as ever. The universe that is this housing development has been expanding since Book one and it’s still a place I would love to call home. . . One of the things I love about Karla’s writing style is you know 100% when you open the book that you are going to be right at home with people you’ve known all your life.

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