Review: Better With You By: Gianna Gabriela

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So it’s no secret that I love a good NA read, but lately I’ve felt kind of disillusioned with the genre. It seems like it’s the same ol’ same ol’ I seriously began to wonder where my fire went for one of my favorite genres. I kept picking up book after book (almost like kissing frogs to find that illusive prince) now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed a lot of the books I read during that time of discovery but they didn’t shake me up and spark the flame of my love of the genre.

I had seen teases of this book on Facebook and pretty much knew I was going to want to read it, even in the early stages when I seen it posted about. So, after some doe-eyed (think the Puss in Boots hat in hand look here guys) I scored a advanced copy. And spark meet flame!

Throughout the whole book there was never a moment where I was not completely enthralled. Glued to my Kindle, forgoing all food and drink except for coffee I could not put the book down. Mia is one of my favorite romance novel heroines, she’s tough, tries to do it all on her own and succeeds at it. She’s got one heck of a backstory that is revealed and I loved how the author paced that reveal, it was just perfect. Sometimes in novels we get everything right from the get go, other novels it is like pulling teeth to discover anything about a character. Here Mia’s story unfolds very organically. This girl is witty, take no prisoners, but she’s got this indescribable vulnerable side that shows. She is a stellar definition of a modern woman.

On the flip side we have Colton, handsome, jock, a little on the cocky side. (I know what you are thinking… sounds like a lot of other romance heroes right? WRONG!) the flip side to Mia’s strong character, Colton is equally as strong. You can’t place him in a box because he is so much more complex than the initial impression when we first meet him. Now things aren’t insta-love for Mia and Colton and it’s very push and pull, but things begin to blossom and then they really begin to be partners (that’s the only way I can put it haha neither one of them is strong all the time and they can take their strength from one another, and there are some major curveballs for them in this story!)

The world this book takes place in could be easily pictured as whichever college campus you attended, which I loved! But you can tell that the author put a lot of time crafting each environment down to the smallest detail to where you feel right there watching the events occur. The secondary characters as well, I found myself wondering what so and so was doing, or hmm I wonder if I could play matchmaker with this character and that one. You felt their presence, they weren’t background characters at all. They are a vibrant part of the story.

When I finished the story, I set my Kindle down, and just breathed, my love for the genre has been rediscovered. It felt like a weight off my shoulders and I wanted to immediately go back and experience it all over again from the very first page. This author has accomplished what was beginning to seem like an insurmountable task haha annnnd cue the Muppet arm flailing, I even had to tell my husband about it (We usually talk about the books we are reading, but while he’s not a romance reader he could see where the story would be complex and beautifully done.) I love the real life romances, I don’t need billionaires, bikers or any of the usual tropes. Give me a guy and a girl with a epic story to tell and I’m a happy camper! And spoiler alert! —this story is EPIC! You will not forget these characters, and this author will become the one you constantly message and go “Poke, poke. . . I need another book by you please!!” Belongs on any top reads of 2018 list (I know it has a spot on mine!)

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