Review: Every Breath You Take By J.E Parker

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I remember last year I had come across the cover for book one in this series by a debut author… I am notoriously picky about picking up books by authors i’m not familiar with, you generally have to hook me with the cover or the blurb and that book had my interest piqued so I picked it up. Little did I know when I started the first page that it would go on to be my top read out of the 230 books I read last year. Now we have book 2! And its focusing on one of my favorite characters. SQUEE!!

Shelby is this force of nature haha she is totally my soul sister, spirit animal… Whatever you would like to call it but it’s been a hot minute since I could relate and connect to a heroine this much. I feel Shelby in my soul. She’s sassy, smart, and yes a little broken but that just makes her more life-like. You have to respect everything she has gone through and is still dealing with, this book deals with some tough subjects, I’m not gonna lie. But our girl is a survivor. She’s a single mom and has the biggest heart underneath all of the tough cookie sass she hands out.

It’s during a meeting trying to get help for a problem going on outside the women’s shelter she works at that she meets Anthony. And her world just stops, and changes like a bolt of lightning in the southern sky. Since Shelby is my favorite heroine, on the flip-side Anthony is one of my all-time favorite heroes, sure he can be a little alpha, and protective but he loves with everything he has. This is the kind of guy that should be immortalized in novels. He feels that spark with Shelby from the start and what develops is this EPIC love story that seamlessly blends family, friends and love together and how it takes a village to have a full and happy life.

We see more of the characters we came to love in Every Moment With You, Hendrix and Maddie are pure perfection as always haha Grandmama ohhh man where do I start? You can’t help but think of your own Grandma if you live in the south and go yep! Must be something in the water down here because mine is pretty much exactly that level of cray-cray. But nobody will love you or go to bat for you (or tease you) like family. And we really explore the theme that family dosen’t have to mean people you are related to by blood… It can mean so much more.

There are some shocking revelations in this book that I didn’t see coming! And how that all factors in really adds a whole new level to the story.

Every Breath You Take will stand out from any other romance novel you read, it’s real life perfectly personified, a love story you can’t help but want to revisit time after time. A strong woman and the man who will love and protect her through it all. This book is one of those unforgettable, emotional perfectly crafted reads that makes you eagerly anticipate the next book from this author. It’s like coming home at the end of a long day, you just sigh in contentment and go Ahh perfect!

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