Review: The Light Within By: Annie Reynolds

Review: The Light Within By: Annie Reynolds

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So I have been a longtime fan of Annie’s books. She is always my go to author for these sweet, Sexy and Sassy reads… with The Light Within it was like a junk punch to the feels! I mean I was pretty prepared for this not to be a lovey dovey romance.

Annie gave us this multi faceted story of not only a second chance romance with Alina and Callum but there was so many other emotions all wrapped up into their story. I love the coming home again theme but the added conflict of her mother being accused of murder in the past and how she was ostracized from the town especially after that really lent to a whole other level of conflict that you just don’t see in most second chance romance these days. This one you have to just sit back and see how it all unfolds because just like real life, it’s not gonna be all explained at once, nor is it going to fit into a mold like some of the other rinse and repeat second chance romances.

Personally I love a book that will challenge you, one that will meet you where you are and dare you to discover more and to have the reader completely locked in and willing to hold on tight and enjoy every minute of it. This book will give you all the emotions you think come standard with second chance romance and then some. It’s a unique story, but one that I think readers will absolutely love.

If you want a break from cookie cutter romance and to discover a new auto one click author then grab this emotional, touching and intense story today and I dare you to not be affected in some small way.

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