Review: Twisted (Book 1 of the Twisted Novel Duet.) By: Emily Rose

Review: Twisted (Book 1 of the Twisted Novel Duet.) By: Emily Rose

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So I don’t know what it is about a story that is about has a bar as a central location (think like With a Twist By Staci Hart or even Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire) but that automatically draws my attention! Maybe I watched too many reruns of Cheers on TV Land? Either way this story revolves around this little bar in Georgia. Miles is this force of nature! He’s alpha, but with that soft side, he’s so intriguing and his character is done so well that you are immediately drawn into the story. One night a girl comes into the bar and his life will never be the same! His past comes barreling back into his life with Ray’s arrival.

Now ohhh Ray, at first I was all “well, she’s pretty straightforward… “but let me tell you there is some pure romance novel heroine magic involved here. She, like Miles has layers and is so complex. More so than you think upon her initial entrance. See these two have a past together. But it defies the trope, it’s not like enemies to lovers, or even second chance— it blazes it’s own trail and makes a space for others to inevitably follow.

The story gets more and more complex and you find out things aren’t exactly what they seem when both Miles and Ray are forced to confront their past and how things all shake out leaves us with one jaw dropper of an ending.

Now as I don’t review as many books these days as I once did, so for a book to shake me up and move me to sit down and ramble on about it you know it has to be amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked this one up, I knew I loved the cover (I’m such a cover snob but this one caught my eye) and then the blurb. I knew I was gonna be in for a treat and this book did not disappoint. It’s New Adult at its finest.

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