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If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.” ~ Iris Prose

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Accepting the Moon – Prequel:  4.9 average rating from 121 reviews. FREE!

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Midnight Moonrising – Book 1:  4.8 average rating from 112 reviews. FREE!

Andromeda’s Reign – Book 2:  4.9 average rating from 52 reviews. $3.99!

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Mena Hoke wants the Master Vampire of Montgomery, Alabama, but the Alpha Wolf inside her craves the homicide detective working the case of the man she murdered.

​Review: Riptide By: Kinsey Corwin 

Review: Riptide By: Kinsey Corwin 
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When the weather starts to get warm I find myself with a craving for books with a beachy,  sand and surf and sun kind of vibe to it and I was immediately drawn to this one! The cover and the blurb drew me in and while I don’t usually purchase books I can get on Kindle Unlimited something told me I needed this book! So I plunked down my 99 pennies and dove in! Now,  let me tell you it was the best dollar I have spent in a LONG time!  
First thing I noticed was the descriptive writing style! If I have one kryptonite it is a descriptive writing style.  . . If you can make me experience the story on a more sensory level then you have gained a fan for life and this book is tops in the game for evoking sights,  smells and how the wind feels ghosting over your skin as you stand by the ocean.  So by the third page I was invested in this story as more than a beachy read,  it was an experience.  
Secondly — these characters! Just wow! Hunter is this complex character and watching his development from chapter one  then going into chapter 2 where the story jumps ahead 2 years is displayed very well,  there is a specific shift in his personality and it really sets up the dynamic between himself and Phoenix — I loved her blunt,  no holds barred almost snarky attitude.  We gradually discover there is a reason she is the way she is as well and the pacing for both characters is so well done that it just flows organically.  (You know what I mean,  in some stories it feels like when you go to peeling back the layers of character information and backstory sometimes it feels forced and with Hunter and Phoenix it just flows and it is becuase its honest with their characters) 
There are some deep issues in this novel and despite those heavy moments there is such a impressive story that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I finished it. It deals with a lot more than just love and romance haha while that is a aspect, the finding what drives you, what makes your heart beat faster and that question of could you leave everything you worked hard for behind. I love how honest it was about those things, people change, goals change and the evolution of a person is always quite the journey to read about. 
I would highly recommend this book to fans of the extreme sports genre , the new adult genre  and for fans of Rebecca Yarros’s Renegades series! 

​Review: Accepting the Moon By: K. S.  Haigwood 

Review: Accepting the Moon By: K. S.  Haigwood 

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This book opens up with a bang! Some paranormal stories the first couple chapters kind of ease you into the story but this one jumps in with both feet into the deep end. I really enjoyed that aspect of it,  as it is a novella you don’t have time to mess around haha.  

We learn a lot in the first chapter,  Mena’s world is crumbling down,  her marriage of 12 years has sustained irreparable damage (and all the emotions that go with that!  I think the author potrayed that emotional tailspin extremely well with how they write Mena’s thought process and internal dialogue) she has more shocking revelations to come though! 

This story is told in a dual POV format for the most part with Mena and Jaxon — Jaxon is an intriguing character right from the start! He is as secretive and an enigma as Mena is wide open and we know a lot about her.  That comparison really sets things up well,  I’m always intrigued by 2 characters that are almost polar opposites because it always leads to sweet conflict and fireworks when they finally get their act together haha. Later in the story we begin to see chapters told from Phoenix’s POV and he is this force of nature.  . . As the leader of the Vampires he has lived through many such pack dust ups and leader changes but now he has a new hitch in the plan. His attraction to Mena sets up a love triangle that will definitely shake things up.  

Now once we get to chapter 5 we already have hints that things are not quite as they seem but once we have confirmation of that holy guacamole! Things really pick up! Then its more of an intense thrill ride than just a story with characters who have witty,  snarky banter! A whole new level and complication rocks Mena’s world and ties her and Jaxon’s and  Phoenix’s world together.  Vampires,  werewolves and possible hybrids oh my! 

All of this leads to one intense finale that sets the reader up for the next book in the series.  If you are a die hard fan of the genre this is the series for you! The classic battle between vampires and werewolves has been written about for ages but this author manages to breathe new life into it and makes it entertaining.  I can’t wait to see where this story goes! 

Cover Reveal! The Weight of Life By: Whitney Barbetti


“Don’t let go.” Those were my first words to him, as I hung over the side of a London bridge. The words I would soon say again, in a moment that didn’t involve bridges, but something much more fragile: my heart.

He held onto me for three weeks, in a time when I needed to be held. Needed to connect to someone who understood how loss tunneled unrepentantly through the fabric of your soul.

Although he said he’d stay, we both knew he wouldn’t. I had already survived one loss—I didn’t know if I’d survive another. 


She spun into my life like a tornado of smiles and chatter and everything else I’d long avoided, with a persistence that I admired, albeit begrudgingly. She broke down each neat wall I’d constructed without even trying. Her presence alone caused me to remember what it felt like to smile, to look forward to what the day would bring.

But it was only supposed to last three weeks.

“Don’t let go,” she’d pleaded.

I’d promised her I wouldn’t—but I would. I didn’t have a choice.

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Release Blitz! Dropout By: Jamie Schlosser

Over the past year, I’ve been called a lot of things. Slacker. Troublemaker. Party animal.
I thought I was on top of the world. Turns out, I was pretty close to rock bottom.
Now I have a new title: college dropout.
Talk about a reality check.
But I’ve got a chance to redeem myself. One summer to turn things around. Two months to prove I’m not a complete f*ck-up.
It’s time to change.
I want to get back to being one of the good guys.

I have everything I need to live out my dream of being a reclusive songwriter—my guitar, my notebook, and blissful silence.
At least, I did until Jimmy moved in next door.
With tattoos, piercings, and mischievous green eyes, he’s got bad news written all over him. And last time I got with a bad boy, it ended horribly.
Jimmy makes me feel things I shouldn’t feel. Want things I shouldn’t want. He’s a hazard to my carefully laid plans.
But he’s only here for two months.
I can resist him…right?
*Although DROPOUT is part of a series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Jimmy Buffet’s ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ blared through the house, and I followed the music to the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what I would find, but as long as it wasn’t my neighbor making out with her neighbor I was good.
Turning the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight in front of me.
It wasn’t Beverly. Or Ernie.
And I most definitely wasn’t good.
A guy wearing nothing but camo-print underwear and a peach-colored apron stood in front of the stove. He was facing away from me, and I caught sight of a large tattoo—angel wings—across the expanse of his muscular back.
Surprised, I let out a high-pitched squeak. The sound got the stranger’s attention and he started to pivot in my direction.
My eyes fell to his sculpted ass, the muscles flexing as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He wore briefs. Not boxers or boxer-briefs—actual tighties. No guy should look good in those, but damn, he did.
His black hair was shorter on the sides and longer on top. Some of the inky strands fell over his forehead, falling to just above his bright green eyes.
His lips were parted in surprise, and something flipped in my stomach at the sight of his mouth. The bottom lip was twice the size of the top. Plump. Pouty.
Dark tattoos painted his chest and he had colorful flowers down the length of his left arm. And…
Is that a nipple piercing?
Because of the apron, I couldn’t see his abs, but my guess was that he had a solid six-pack under there.
I opened my mouth to say something—anything.
I wanted to ask him what he was doing in Beverly’s house. Or apologize for walking in on him while he was naked.
Instead, my social awkwardness presented itself full-force with the words that tumbled out of my mouth next.
“If you tried to hide in the woods, at least no one would be able to see your ass.”
His emerald eyes widened. “What?”
Figuring he probably didn’t hear me the first time because of the loud music, I raised my voice. “Camouflage underwear. Your butt would totally blend in with the bushes.”
Looking like he was caught between laughing and being outraged, he opened his mouth to respond.
Then all hell broke loose.

Jamie Schlosser grew up on a farm in Illinois surrounded by cornfields. Although she no longer lives in the country, her dream is to return to rural living someday. As a stay-at-home mom, she spends most of her days running back and forth between her two wonderful kids and her laptop. She loves her family, iced coffee, and happily ever afters.

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Review: Dropout By: Jamie Schlosser

​Review: Dropout By: Jamie Schlosser 

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Ahhhh its here!! FINALLY!! (Can you tell i’ve been going through a Jamie withdrawal?) Jimmy and Mackenna’s story is everything I knew it would be and more! I love this series of books so much I would totes move to Tolson! This setting always feels like home with all its quirky inhabitants (Beverly i’m looking at you!) 

One of the many strengths of the story is the dynamic between Jimmy and Mackenna, (I love how Jamie writes her heroes, I love a good guy, with a smidge of alpha, a little sarcastic and cocky. Give me a book with that kind of guy any day versus a billionaire into domination) their chemistry is off the charts right from their hilarious first meeting! (Not every guy can pull off frills. . . Just sayin!) And Mackenna is the type of heroine that you always want for your besties she’s just a nice, sweet fiery girl. . . She’s had a rough go in life but she’s still standing up and fighting through it. You gotta respect a woman like that. 

There were so many moments where I was so completely enraptured in the story I forgot I had a fresh cup of coffee until it was cold (which I never do!) Forgot I had laundry that needed to go in the dryer (which okay, I always do) that I could not put the book down. This one is tied with Trucker for my absolute fave of Jamie’s books! 

As usual Beverly is borderline inappropriate and totally awesome and I always look forward to getting a laugh out of that woman! I would love having a grandma like that haha. There were other moments that had me gigglesnorting. . . Once you read it you’ll know the one that had me snorting and giggling excessively. . . (Okay, so what if I was acting like a 12 year old, but who knew the skin on your elbow was called that! Bahahaha) 

This story has all the elements I look forward to in a romance novel, fantastic writing, characters that are relatable, humor and shenanigans and finally heart! It grabs you and holds on tight! I couldn’t get enough. 

Review: Ghost In His Eyes By: Carrie Aarons

​Review: Ghost in His Eyes By: Carrie Aarons

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This book is gorgeous, its haunting, heartbreaking at times but hopeful all at once. Blake and Carson have a lot to learn and forgive with past events and their second chance romance is one of my favorites, this book reminds me of the early Nicholas Sparks novels where the location is a character in its own right and the attention to the smallest detail of a place or emotionally charged moment is so well done you fall deeper in love with these characters and story. This book is on my must purchase a print copy list because it is one of those unforgettable experiences you must hold in your hands to have that physical connection with the words.

Review: Revelry By: Kandi Steiner

​Review: Revelry By: Kandi Steiner 

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Kandi does it again! After ripping my heart out (and piecing it back together at the end) with her last book she gives us this gorgeous story of a woman learning to stand on her own and starting over and a man who is so boxed in by loss and guilt that he has a lonely existence. 

I swear there are few things I enjoy more than a new book by Kandi. . . Really, the list goes, snuggles with my love, doggie kisses, a glass of wine and a new Kandi Steiner novel. . . (And if I could have all of those at once? That’s heaven on earth ladies and gentlemen!) 
But with all of her heroines its like she has taken snapshots of my life. . . Natalie (Weightless) — teen years, B– (Love Letter to Whiskey) Wren– just about 4 years ago I was in the same spot, looking to start over after my marriage failed. No one could ever sum that time up better than the first few chapters from Wren’s POV on how much of a mental tail spin you head into during that time. So right from the get go I was like “I feel you on this one!” 
(BTW the hot tub scene? Totally something that would happen to me haha I am indeed that accident prone) 

Anderson is probably one of Kandi’s most complex characters EVER! from the first time we meet him he is an engima. . . Broody and well let’s face it a little socially awkward but we gradually find out more about him and why he has so much on his mind. You get such a sense of accomplishment when you discover something new about his life haha it’s like (Hallelujah! We discovered another piece of the puzzle! *fist bump*) 

This story is one of those ones that your heart needs but never knew it required. Its more than just a love story, its more than just a story about letting go and moving on. . . Its a story about life in all of its beautiful mosaic moments. 

Release Blitz! Revelry By: Kandi Steiner

Title: Revelry
Author: Kandi Steiner
Release Date: April 20, 2017
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From the bestselling author of Weightless and A Love Letter to Whiskey

Wren Ballard is trying to find herself.

She never expected to be divorced at twenty-seven, but now that the court date has passed, it’s official. The paperwork is final. Her feelings on it aren’t.

Spending the summer in a small mountain town outside Seattle is exactly what she needs. The peaceful scenery is a given, the cat with the croaky meow is a surprise, but the real kicker? A broody neighbor with nice arms, a strange reputation, and absolutely no interest in her.

Anderson Black is perfectly fine being lost.

He doesn’t care about the town’s new resident — he’s too busy fighting his own demons. But when he’s brought face to face with Wren, he can see her still-fresh wounds from a mile away. What he doesn’t see coming is his need to know who put them there — or his desperation to mend them.

Sometimes getting lost is the way to find yourself. Sometimes healing only adds a new scar. And sometimes the last place you expected to be is exactly where you find home.

I had just grabbed my oversized hat and slipped my sunglasses on when I spotted Anderson walking up the drive with a large trash bag slung over his shoulder. He wore a simple, black V-neck and distressed jeans, an outfit way too dark and hot for the heat. A light sheen of sweat gathered on his neck as he made his way toward my cabin, his eyes hidden behind all-black sunglasses.

“Change your mind?” I asked, not even fighting the grin on my face as I walked outside and leaned against the banister.

Anderson squinted up at me, his boots heavy as they hit each stair. “About?”

“Tubing?” I asked. That was why he was here, right?

“Oh.” He shook his head as he hit the top stair, shrugging the bag off his shoulders to hold it by the neck in one fist. “No, I have somewhere to be…” His voice trailed off, and even through the tinted shades of his glasses I felt his eyes on my chest. I’d strapped on my favorite boho print bathing suit and paired it with a dainty gold chain that wrapped around my neck once before dipping between my chest and crossing over my ribs.

He sniffed, holding the bag out toward me. “I just came to drop these off. My clothes. Well, the ones that could probably use a little TLC.”

My eyes lit up and I reached for the bag, but Anderson snatched it back, brows shooting up into his forehead.

“No frills, Wren.”

I threw my hands up in surrender. “I promise.”

He smirked, just slightly, and handed the bag over, tucking his hands in his front pockets.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” I asked, peering into the bag at my project before setting it just inside the cabin and locking the door behind me.

“I can’t,” he said, lips pressed together. He was tense, the muscles on his forearms tight as he glanced around at pretty much everything but me.

I opened my mouth to ask why but was cut off by the sound of a truck flying into my drive, tires sliding against the gravel.

Tucker was in the driver’s seat with Davie in the passenger. Sarah and Yvette sat in the back, laughing with their hands up as the truck skidded to a stop. They were both sprawled out on a pile of tubes, wearing bathing suit tops and tiny shorts.

All of their faces froze when they saw Anderson.

“Hey, you ready, Wren?” Tucker asked warily, his eyes moving from where Anderson stood in front of me, to me, and back again.

“Yeah, one sec!” I called back.

I turned to Anderson, but his eyes were hard on Tucker, jaw ticking under his skin. When he faced me once more, an anchor fell from my throat into the pit of my stomach, immobilizing me completely. Because even though I ‘d tried to convince myself I was wrong, I recognized the look in his eyes.


And when his nose flared and he took one big step toward me, our chests brushing, his hand reaching out to rest almost imperceptibly on my hip, the anchor in my stomach exploded into flames, burning a desire so fierce I inhaled a toxic breath and didn’t let it go.

“Be careful, okay?” His eyes locked on mine just before he leaned in and swiftly kissed my cheek.

He turned on his heel and jogged down the stairs and past the truck. Sarah called his name, but he didn’t acknowledge her, just kept his gaze forward until he’d disappeared from view.

And then everyone looked at me.


Kandi Steiner is a bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur living in Tampa, FL. Best known for writing “emotional rollercoaster” stories, she loves bringing flawed characters to life and writing about real, raw romance — in all its forms. No two Kandi Steiner books are the same, and if you’re a lover of angsty, emotional, and inspirational reads, she’s your gal.

An alumna of the University of Central Florida, Kandi graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Advertising/PR with a minor in Women’s Studies. She started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic, and likes to highlight all the challenges of love as well as the triumphs.

When Kandi isn’t writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys live music, traveling, anything heavy in carbs, beach days, movie marathons, craft beer and sweet wine — not necessarily in that order.


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