Pretty Little Book Promotion and PA Service. 

#Authors did you know I happen to also run a Promotion page in addition to my blog?  Check out Pretty Little Book Promotion and PA service if you need any assistance with any group postings, closing giveaways, making ARC sign ups or Prize claim forms, messaging bloggers. We are also offering release blitzs and blog tours! Anything you might possibly need taken care of so you can cross things off your to do list.


I wanted to clear up some pricing questions (as much as I can!) So,  first of all some people question why I don’t charge as much as some of the other companies.  . . I get that writing is your dream,  I honestly hope you all become billionaires and can retire on a island,  but until then! I know putting out a novel is EXPENSIVE! I don’t want to get rich off of your hard work. So don’t be scared off thinking cheaper price = low quality work.  . . Not true here! Now for the pricing. Remember you can bundle services and save! Also you get a fantastic discount if you book multiple months in advance.

*30 marketing posts a day for 6 days a week. $15 a week or $40 a month
*Graphic design packages/ Logo Branding for either swag or your social media accounts or teasers/ sale graphics. (Message for examples) PRICE VARIES FOR WHAT YOU WANT.
*Social Media Management one post on your desired platform 6 days a week.  $10 a week or $40 a month
* Book Tours/New Release Blitzs.  $15
*Google Docs creation as well as spreadsheet development for organization or master blogger list creation. $5
*Full PA packages (price to be determined as to what you need)
* Thunderclap Campaign Creation and promotion. $10
*Reader Group Creation/Social Media Account Creation.  $5 to create $5 a week or $20 a month if you want me to manage it.
*Basic Proofreading 24 hour turn around.  . . (Will include beta notes and will receive a review of the finished book on my blog page)  $25 per book up to 500 pages if its more than 500 pages $5 per additional 100 pages.

I have plenty of references for quality work at a great price! All author genres accepted! Book by the day,  week or month. . . Special discounts for those who book for 3,6 or 12 months in advance,  you will receive a google form that sets up our agreement for your peace of mind (so if you have been taken advantage of in the past by other service providers,  you have what you need to file a claim with Paypal which I do all payments through) Services start as low as $5 a day,  Book now to free up some precious time.

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