Review: When They All Fall Down By: M.E. Gone

Review: When They All Fall Down By: M.E. Gone

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So I had kept seeing this cover on Facebook and since it was from a debut author I patiently began stalking their social media sites until I found out the blurb and all of the pertinent details (what can I say? I am a dedicated book worm when a cover gives me grabby hands!) I found out it fell into the romantic suspense kind of genre – Check! It has a Mafia connection – Check! I love me some mob kind of reads, and then add in it was an author I hadn't read before I felt that tingle. . . Where a book hits all your check marks and you being patiently awaiting it to hit your Kindle. . . Ladies and Gentlemen today is that day!

Autumn's entire life is definitely book worthy but when we pick up the story it's a idyllic life. . . Things are not perfect but she's a beautiful, strong woman, in a committed relationship with her boyfriend whom she has been with for quite a few years, they own a cute house together and she owns her own successful business. . . Oh yeah, and she has a delish personal trainer! Perfect life right? Ohhh just wait! Here's where everything begins to crumble. . . Matt is Autumn's personal trainer. . . But he's not telling her everything. . . You see Matt has a whole other life. . . As a F.B.I agent, who's been tasked with keeping Autumn under surveillance to help a current investigation into Organized Crime.

Just when Autumn's world begins to fall down, new betrayals, old secrets and some of her past rearing its ugly head she doesn't know where to go or who to trust! Naturally! I mean I couldn't even imagine. . . I'd become a hermit haha but Autumn squares her shoulders and like any strong female character does, she puts one foot forward and stares down the challenge and danger the "Family" brings to her doorstep. There were so many jaw dropping twists and turns in this one where you have to go back and double check that this is indeed M.E's first novel because she writes with such precision like a seasoned pro!

With most debut authors there are some plot holes or characters that are only two dimensional but here we get these vibrant, complicated characters (not complicated in a bad way! They have so many facets to their personalities that you have to savor the read to be able to appreciate them all)


Review: Her People By: Steve Maloy

Review: Her People By: Steve Maloy

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This story takes off right from the start in this intriguing dystopian novel, we are plunked down into the story where mankind is facing a threat unlike any it has ever seen, and like most dystopian stories we see that science and technology has brought about a massive shift in humanity. This secret shadow agency has developed these "implants"

We meet up with Alyssa 15 years after that event and the world has become a survival of the fittest type of society, I really enjoyed the playground rules reasoning that we see in the first chapter and it makes you stop and draw parallels to the state of society today haha. But as far as heroines are Alyssa is a tough (but fair!) cookie! She is a strongly written female character (I mean she is leading a group of fighters at only 16! Commanding their respect and earning it in spades)

The deceptions and secrets that are all interwoven through this story make for a rather intriguing read, we find out quite a few things that change our perception of past events and we begin to learn more about the Implants and how they can help increase and develop powers that may be latent. Gives this story a good X-Men/Hunger Games mix that made it really stand out in this genre.

There are a few editing issues, typos and extra words sometimes but it doesn't change the fact that the story is enthralling, entertaining and one that I found I really enjoyed! I'm not a huge reader of Dystopian types of novels but when I find one I do enjoy I'm all in. I think the presence of a strong female character and how you get only bits and pieces of how everything interconnects at a time keeps the reader engaged in the story and wanting to know what happens next.

Review: Birthquake By: B.L Berry

Review: Birthquake By: B.L Berry

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I remember the first time down to the millisecond that I picked up my first B.L read. Love, Nouveau was the beginning of my journey with one of my favorite authors with every book she writes she challenges my perception of romance and all of its different sub tropes (I mean she even got me to read, and enjoy a story that deals with infidelity no author can manage that but her haha) with Birthquake we get a new level of her talent. Romantic Comedies seem to be the new hot trend for Indies and this is one sub trope I can totally get behind! But just wait 😉 B.L flips the genre on its head and puts her own trademark spin on it.

It's by turns hilarious and heartwarming, borderline Steve Stiffler for the witty one liners.
(Who wasn't a fan of the Stiffmeister's quotable remarks?) Jeff is probably the best hero I've read this year in any genre! His bumbling through the first scene in the plane was entirely endearing and you just can't help but wonder what is going to come out of his mouth next (so sue me, I liked the gobsmacked way he reacted to his seatmate) Henley is a perfect example of today's woman, yes ladies and gentlemen we tend to cuss and say inappropriate things just as much as the guys do. . . It's time to eliminate that stigma that just because we are women we have to act prim and proper all the time!

So after that first meeting we really get into their love story haha and all of the expect the unexpected. Each moment is by turns hilarious and extremely truthful and heartfelt. Seriously, you will experience everything you were too afraid to admit to thinking out loud and here it is in a spectacular story haha. I think a copy of this book should come with every at home pregnancy test! Like "Here you go Hon, you might need this." Forget What To Expect While You Are Expecting all I need is B.L. Berry! I know I'll be buying not only a signed copy for my personal collection but it's gonna be a baby shower gift for sure (you're welcome public!)

Release Blitz! Birthquake By: B.L. Berry

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Release Date: September 21, 2017



WARNING: Highly prone to spontaneous fits of delirium, irrational logic and violent, unpredictable mood swings. This individual has been sober, swollen and hungry for the past nine months, so proceed with caution and handle with care. Anything said during the course of labor and delivery should not be taken seriously. Side effects may last up to eighteen years. Please consult your physician should castration occur. And never forget, this is all your fault.




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About the Author

BL Berry grew up telling lies. Eventually, those lies turned into elaborate stories and when she grew older she started writing them down. When she’s not hiding behind her computer writing, you can find her spending time with her family or catching up on her favorite TV shows. Rumor has it she’ll sleep when she’s dead.

Residing outside of Kansas City, she lives with her husband, two children and black pug. Each day her family thanks the makers of e-Readers, because without which they would be living amongst stacks and stacks of romance novels. Conversely, each day B.L. Berry thanks the makers of e-Readers for hiding her book-hoarding tendencies.


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Release Blitz! All The Rogers By: Erin Lockwood

We’re celebrating the release of ALL OF THE ROGERS by Erin Lockwood!

YA Psychological Romance
Stand Alone
My alarm goes off at four am. It takes an hour to get to the studio, and then my ballet training begins. I go to school for a few hours, and then it’s back to the studio for more training. Go to bed. Repeat the whole process the next day. 
I hate it.
My time at school is a blur, except for biology. I don’t rush through that class, because I get to see Roger Byrnes. He probably doesn’t even know I exist, but my heart beats a little faster when I see him walk through the classroom door with his messy hair and carefree attitude. He has so much energy. But then he stares off into the distance, and I wonder what he’s thinking. It’s the highlight of my day. 
I wish I could quit ballet so I could be a normal teenager. Someone who Roger would want to be with. I could use some excitement in my life…I bet Roger could give that to me.
Roger keeps running with me screaming over his shoulder, and I’m getting seriously worried he’s not going to slow down when he reaches the ice-cold Pacific Ocean. I can feel the freezing wet splashes on my legs, and as he runs into deeper water, some of the splashes reach up to my face. 
I’ve been playfully kicking and screaming for him to put me down, but now, I’m gripping his upper back, not wanting him to lower me at all. Don’t let the turquoise water of Carmel fool you; it’s damn cold, even in the summer. Girls wear bikinis on the beach, and surfers wear wetsuits all year-round. Even I know that. 
“You broke a promise,” he says while his arm grabs me from over his shoulder and moves me down. 
The muscles in my legs bulge, and I clench them around his upper body, holding myself high up on his shoulder. 
“What are you? A cat?” he says, confused, as he tries to figure out what I’m doing with my body.
I grab on to his head and use it as leverage to clench my thighs together over his other shoulder. “I never broke a promise,” I say, unashamed. The only emotion going through me right now is fear of going into the ice cold water. “I never promised to call you.” 
“Oh, that hurts my feelings,” he says dramatically. 
He reaches up and tries one more time to pull me off of him, but I’m too strong. 
“How the hell are you stronger than me?” he exclaims, clearly frustrated that he’s tried twice to throw me in the water with no success. 
All he’s been able to do is make me slip down his body a little. My one leg is still draped over his shoulder, and the other is wrapped around his back, holding on for dear life. My face has moved from over his head to right in front of his nose. 
“Ballerinas are a lot stronger than you think,” I say with a calm, even breath. 
I’ve never kissed a boy before, and right now, I’m staring at one’s lips. They’re so full and colorful; they look as if they’re full of fruit punch. I wonder what it would taste like and feel like. If I just move my head a few inches closer… 
“Maybe so,” he says, matching my even breath. “You might be stronger than me, but I’m more clever.” He spreads his arms out, as if he’s going to give someone a huge hug, and slowly, his body weight shifts back.
“No, no, no, no, no!” I scream once I realize there’s no stopping him from falling back into the water.

About the Author:

Erin Lockwood grew up in Castro Valley, California and attended the University of Oregon, where she graduated in 2003 with a degree in journalism. From there she moved to Denver and spent the next seven years searching for the love of her life and building the family of her dreams.

It wasn’t long until, with children starting preschool and more time on her hands, Erin refocused on her career, beginning with a successful entry into the world of residential real estate as a Realtor. Free time was spent reading book after book (and binge-watching the subsequent films) in the New Adult genre. Feeling hopelessly in love with her husband, she wrote him a short story leading up to their fifth wedding anniversary. That’s when she discovered her tireless passion to share her experience of falling in love through fictional characters. That story evolved into the first novel in the Angles trilogy.

Erin still lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Phil, and their three children.

Cover Reveal! A Reason For Everything By: Nita Johnson


A Reason for Everything by Nita Johnson
Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: October, 3rd, 2017


Willow was happily married with two adorable children but her life took an unexpected turn. Leaving her utterly devastated.

In her time of need she turned to the one person who had always been there for her, the one person who had never let her down, her beloved, Nan. 
Packing up her life to move in with her seemed a great idea. 
A chance for her and the children to heal, to start afresh.

What Willow wasn't expecting was to be attracted the new neighbour who had moved in across the road.


Jesse was determined to show Willow that all wasn't lost, instead wanting to show her that she had everything to gain.

Jesse wanted Willow to take a chance on him but was she ready to put her heart on the line? 
Was she willing to put her love, trust and faith into a man who had the power to ruin her beyond repair?



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Review: Wild For You By: J.C. Reed

Review: Wild For You By: J.C Reed

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So when I knew this story was about a bull rider I knew I had to get my hands on it (my fiancé and I religiously watch all of the Professional Bull Riding events every weekend during the season) So I dug in to a romance novel involving my favorite sport.

This was my first read by J.C so I wasn't quite sure what to expect writing style/ character development wise. But I have to say I throughly enjoy her style! It's concise without a whole lot of unnecessary frills that can sometimes drag a story down, Cash's story just flows.

There is such witty banter between Cash and Erin, and while he is sort of crass and will say just about anything to get her to leave him alone she meets him barb for barb. Erin definitely has a fiery personality haha and experiencing her making Cash squirm is highly entertaining and gigglesnort inspiring.

I thought this was an adorable witty romance with a fantastic setting that I could easily see more stories taking place in, a huge vibrant cast of characters and a storyline that is by turns heartwarming and hilarious. Definitely a must read Pick.

Book Tour! Wild For You By: J.C. Reed

★★  WILD FOR YOU is LIVE! ★★ 
Only $2.99 or Free on KU

His eyes shimmer green, boring into me.
He’s beautiful.
And so deliciously close.
From New York Times Bestselling Author, J.C. Reed, comes a new standalone novel.

It was supposed to be easy.
Move to Montana and accept a job as the live-in physical therapist of a famous bull rider. But when I arrive, my new patient isn’t what I expected at all.

Cash Boyd isn’t just sinfully sexy, he’s also rude, arrogant, and probably the most stubborn man I’ve ever met. He claims he doesn’t need my help and tries to pay me off to leave. But I’m not one to give up even though the sexy cowboy is a pain in the ass.

A few months…that’s as long as it should take to do my job.
The rules are pretty simple.
All I have to do is stay professional even though everything about Cash Boyd is scorching hot. And he doesn’t make a secret out of the fact that he wants me where I can never end up…in his bed. I’m determined to keep my distance. But what if my patient has other plans for us?

Author’s Note: WILD FOR YOU is a full-length, standalone novel with HEA! If you want to spend a little time away from reality, grab this one up!

Buy now for $2.99 or read it for FREE in KU


J.C. Reed is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She writes steamy contemporary romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, you can find her chatting with her readers on Facebook.
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Cover Reveal! Last Words By: Shari J. Ryan

Cover Design: MadHat Books

Release Date: October 9, 2017



Last Words, where Non-Fiction meets Fiction, and the lines in between are blurred by forbidden love.

Amelia – 1942:

The inside of my closet held the last bit of my freedom before I was torn from my home and shoved onto a dark train.

Our destination was even darker. “Women and children to the right. Men to the left,” they shouted at us.

Everything was taken from me, leaving only the smoke filled air, piercing screams, and soul-burning cries.

I was slowly starved and weakened to the bone, but there was a man—a Nazi—who brought me extra food. He called himself a prisoner too, but he scared me, and I wondered if he was the enemy I should fear the most.

Emma – Current Day:

My grandmother hid her past in an old diary under her bed. The tattered, brown leather book sat there for years until she asked me to find it and read her unspoken words. Now, her stories and secrets are consuming every moment of my life.

She’s dying … and asking for a man no one in our family has ever heard of.

I never imagined a hand-written book could change my entire life, but it has. It opened my eyes to a new beginning, and I learned that love is not the unsaid word my grandmother has refused to speak. It’s an action—it’s longevity, taboo and sometimes forbidden. Do we fight for what’s wrong, or do we spend our lives searching for what’s right?

Last words were never spoken because love doesn’t stop until a heart is no longer beating.




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About the Author

Shari J. Ryan is an International Bestselling Author of heartbreakers and mind-benders. Shari was once told she tends to exaggerate often and sometimes talks too much, which would make a great foundation for fictional books. Four years later, Shari has written eleven novels that often leave readers either in tears from laughing, or crying.

With her loud Boston girl attitude, Shari isn’t shy about her love for writing or the publishing industry. Along with writing several International bestsellers, Shari has split her time between writing and her longstanding passion for graphic design. In 2014, she started an indie-publishing resource company, MadHat Books, to help fellow authors with their book cover designs, as well as assistance in the self-publishing process.

While Shari may not find many hours to sleep, she still manages to make time for her family. She is a devoted wife to a great guy, and a mother to two little boys who remind her daily why she was put on this earth.

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